Respect Life


The Pro-Life Committee at Divine Savior Church will now be known as Respect Life Committee.  Our mission is to promote and defend human life from conception to a natural death through prayers, education, service projects, and fund raising for the needy.  Our activities include:

1. Praying as a group at Access Health, 75th St., Woodridge, hoping that the young women seeking an abortion at the facility will be moved by the Holy Spirit and realize there are other services available when an unplanned pregnancy occurs.

2.  We sponsor a “baby shower” in the spring, collecting new items to be sent to Care-Net or Women’s Choice to be distributed to women in need of clothing and other items for their babies/children.

3.  Empty baby bottles are also distributed in April or May, asking parishioners to fill the bottles with their change (or checks); these donations are sent to Women’s Choice or Care-Net for the needs and services they provide for needy moms/dads.

4. The Respect Life Committee also deals with  issues such as the death penalty, euthanasia, human trafficking, and people with special needs. 

5. This year we are participating in a recycled card program for St. Jude’s Ranch in Boulder City, NV.  More information about the recycled card project will be available in a few weeks.

The Respect Life Committee would love to have you join us in our mission to open hearts and minds, and improve life for all of God’s children, both young and old…..You can submit your name and phone number to our parish secretary and you will be added to our membership list.